Conversations About God by A. Graham Maxwell

Conversations About God is a series of talks by Graham Maxwell. In them, Graham presents a healing God instead of an oppressive judge who kills and tortures His creatures. He contends that if we really want to know the truth about God, then we must examine every word or text in the context of the whole Bible (the Large View), asking specifically “What does this tell us about God?”

“Our Father is not the kind of person His enemies have made Him out to be. He is indeed an infinitely powerful, but equally gracious person, who values nothing higher than our freedom and our peace with Him and with each other. Such things are not produced by force or fear. So, instead, God pleads with us very gently, but very urgently, in the words of Paul, ‘Let everyone be fully persuaded in his own mind.’”

Graham says again and again, “If we are humbly willing to listen to God and to become His trusting friends, then there is no need to be afraid of God.” This series is highly recommended.







God and Your Church Seminar by Dr. Tim Jennings

The God and Your Church Seminar is a series of presentations that examine seven levels of moral decision making, identifying development from childlike to mature. Dr. Jennings presents the Bible as a whole, demonstrating that the various stories are actually connected to one central theme and how this theme enters into every phase of human existence. He gives thought provoking answers to troubling biblical issues that can help Christians to better understand God and His love. Among these is the difference between design law and imposed law and between God’s unconditional love and Satan’s survival of the fittest.







The Crucified God Video Series by Brian Zahnd

The crucified God is a moving series of talks on the character of God. This is revelation at its best!

We Christians are a most peculiar people. Why? Because we worship a crucified God. Other religions worship a an omnipotent God, a glorious God, a victorious God—but we worship a crucified God! The death of Jesus upon the cross was murder. It was a lynching. It was a mob killing that God knew would happen because of our sin, but he did not will it. What God willed was that through his death Jesus would save us from sin and death. God crucified. The giver of life put to death. The Creator crucified by his creation. This is the greatest scandal of all time.


Reimagining God Series by Ty Gibson

Ty gets it. In this series, you will find him engaging the same issues that many others featured on this website have engaged. However, he does it in a stunning, wonderful, and distinctive Ty way. Listen to this series! You will be blessed…





God’s Character Bible Study by Brad Cole

In this series of videos, Brad Cole seeks to answer the questions that many have about God and the trustworthiness of His character.  He explains why God, in Jesus, came to this world in such a humble, subservient way and why He did not strike back when his own creatures put him to death but instead offered them forgiveness. These are excellent videos for those seeking to harmonize the apparent antagonism between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament.


The Flood by FT Wright

This presentation is an explanation of the Old Testament story of the flood. In it, Mr. Wright explains how the flood can be understood in a way that does not make God into a mass-murderer. It comes from a larger theme on God’s Character, which was published in his book, “Behold Your God.”