The Importance of Divine Protection

divine protectionDestruction comes to men when they lose God’s protective and sustaining power. Divine protection keeps men from succumbing to four forces that are ever seeking to destroy them and would crush them if God did not intervene:

  • Human self destruction
  • Human destruction of others
  • The power of demons
  • The natural forces of the universe


Human Self Destruction: The Destructive Power of Lies

The lies of Satan destroy the psyche of men who become rebelliously hardened against the protective pleas (atonement) of God. What happens to those solidified into lies and selfishness when they come into unveiled love and truth?

If, under the umbrella of God’s mercy, a molester must go through a period of guilt, shame, and self loathing if they are to be completely honest with themselves about their horrific actions, then what will it be like for the wicked in the end when God’s unveiled truth bears in and their distortions, lies, denial, and self-deception can’t hold out any more? What will it be like when they come into full awareness, not only of their own condition, but also of the pain, suffering, and misery they have inflicted on others and all before a watching universe. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as the wicked struggle unsuccessfully to fault the truth.

“There are three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha

This is not imposed on men. It is the sinner’s condition in relation to ultimate reality that causes unimaginable suffering. It is the anguish that un-remedied sin brings to the heart and mind when it must ultimately be exposed to unveiled truth and love. The more selfish a being, the more tenaciously they fight to resist the truth and deny the reality of their circumstance. Consequently, some suffer longer than others in the fires of love and truth before they let go and die.

“Scripture indicates that every sinner kindles for himself the flame of his own fire, and is not plunged into a fire which has been previously kindled by someone else or which existed before him.” Origen of Alexandria

Not only do lies cause us to live recklessly here on earth and destroy our physical bodies, but those who reject the truth about God ultimately become vulnerable to spiritual and emotional harm.

Human Destruction of Others

Sin multiplies death by instilling in men a willingness to destroy others so that they can live instead of holding to the golden rule of love: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Survival of the fittest quickly becomes the law of beings who have fallen from the cradle of love. Thus death has been escalated on Earth. Indeed, without the influence of the Spirit of God, men would have long since annihilated themselves.

God’s restraining power protects us from our own evil passions toward each other.

The Destructive Power of Demons

If only man’s only nemesis was himself, but alas, there is more to our dilemma than that.

According to the Bible, forces of destruction engulf this world. There are rebel gods (demons) that are seeking to annihilate men and creation. The Bible talks about cosmic monsters, principalities and powers, and hostile waters surrounding the earth. These evil, anti-creational forces seize any opportunity to wreak destruction. In Psalms, we find out what happens when God withdraws. He “sends” evil angels among men (Psalms 78:43-51).

God’s protection is all that holds demons in check.

The Destructive Power of the Unintelligent Forces of the Universe

Yet lies and demons are not the only problem. God made the massive and unintelligent powers of the universe for our comfort, stimulation and enjoyment, but they also contain the potential for destruction. God is the only one who can create and then control the forces of the universe. There is not one of us—angel or man—who can keep those mighty powers under perfect control. Therefore, it is essential that no other god be placed in God’s position as the Controller, Guide and Sustainer of these colossal powers. This would bring on a holocaust of destruction.

The Importance of God’s Protection

To irrevocably turn away from the source of life is to choose death. God is too gracious to force His presence where it is persistently not wanted. God withdraws, and the creature—their protection gone—succumbs to whatever danger lurks closest. This is not God’s fault. Men choose death when they drive God and His protection from them.

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