God In All 66

In God In All 66, Graham Maxwell leads a class through all 66 books of the Bible with an emphasis on reading scripture as a whole and, in that context, explores what each part says about God.

Servants or Friends

Servants or Friends is a series of recordings Graham Maxwell did at Loma Linda University. In them, he looks at the question of whether God wants us as servants or friends.


Tim Jennings Bible Study Class Archives

In this archive of Tim’s Bible study classes, Tim paints amazing pictures of God’s character.





The Wrath of the Lamb

The Wrath of the Lamb is a presentation by Brad Cole on the wrath of God.






Servant God

The audiobook of “Servant God” is a dynamic multi-author presentation on the character of God. It is read by professional storyteller Jim Weiss and is available as an entirely free download, hosted by and courtesy of God’s

Watch Jim’s personal testimony after he finished this project.