God’s Part In Our Healing

our healing

When men broke trust with God and became diseased with selfishness, God’s initial and continued response has been to forgive them, to go the second (and millionth) mile with them, and advocate with them to bring them back to trust. This is the God’s part in our healing.

How Does God Accomplish Our Healing?

Who is Jesus pleading with? Some believe that Jesus is presenting His blood to the Father and pleading with Him on our behalf. Yet I believe the Bible teaches that just the opposite is true. Jesus is pleading with us—not the Father—through the Holy Spirit. That voice we hear is the Holy Spirit, but He is communicating to us the pleading of another:

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” John 16:14

Who is the Holy Spirit listening to here? Certainly not us. No. Jesus is pleading with us according to the Father’s desire, and the Holy Spirit is passing His pleas on to us. You’ve heard His voice. “Let me in. See how much I love you. You can trust me. Let me heal you of your sickness.” In this way, our healing is accomplished not only by offering us His perfect character but making it known to us. Jesus intercedes for us by revealing God (the Father) to us.

More Evidence

Tim Jennings gives more evidence that Jesus is pleading with us and not with the Father:

“What would happen to life on planet earth if God just silently sat by and did nothing to save us? It would die. God does not have to act to inflict death to punish sin. God has to act to stop death from destroying His creation. Most Christian theology is upside down and backwards on this. Most Christian theology has Christ acting to stop God from destroying when actually it is God acting through Christ to stop sin from destroying. Every human being is not born guilty and condemned to death by a judicial magistrate, but we are born terminal with a condition we didn’t choose that if not remedied will result in death.”

A Triune Endeavor

There is no need for Jesus to intercede with the Father, for the Father Himself loves us (John 14:9). In response to our terminal disease, He is working with and through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to save us. In this process of atonement, the Trinity does everything to accomplish our healing. Our only part is to respond.