trustTrust is our response to God’s love and forgiveness.

“God’s love passes through our intellect, but it doesn’t stop there! It goes on further and touches our heart. This heartfelt, deeply appreciative gratitude that makes you want to love him back at a heart level is what the Bible calls faith! And this can come about only as a response to seeing how much he loves us!” – Herb Montgomery, Finding the Father

Why Does Understanding the Character of God Help Us To Trust God?

When we realize that God has always loved us and forgiven us unconditionally, then we come to a life-changing realization that we are truly safe in His hands from any condemnation, that there isn’t—and never has been—any need to be afraid of God. This trust does not come to us because of a change in God, but because of a change in us as the lies about Him dissolve. God has our back even though we struggle and sin. The only reason He hates sin is because it hurts us. This awareness brings us into a deeper and deeper friendship with God, a friendship through which He changes our hearts and heals all the damage done to us by sin.

“To say it is impossible to keep God’s law is to say that it is impossible to love.” – Jean Sheldon

Sin disappears as we heal, however long that takes. We needn’t worry about our continued weakness and mistakes if we trust God and are totally secure in His unconditional love and friendship. The root of the problem has been taken care of, and we are no longer rebels. We may have much healing to do and, as Morris Venden says, many “sinzes” to put away, but we are totally safe to save now because we are humbly willing to listen to all that He tells us and to do our very best to follow His instructions because of our love for Him. As we bask in God’s truth and love, unhindered by the lies of Satan, love is awakened and perfected in us.


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