Calvary answers all our questions about God.“God accomplished this restoration of his character of love in humans by sending his own Son in human flesh to eradicate selfishness from humanity, reveal the truth about God, expose the lies of Satan, and reveal what happens when the infection of sin is not cured.” Romans 8:3 The Remedy NT

Why did Jesus have to die? This question has been asked by many Christians down through the ages, with many different answers. I have asked this question over and over myself. Only recently have I come to any satisfying answers:

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

What Happened at the Cross?

He Died To Expose Satan’s Lie About God

He Died To Answer Important Questions About God & Death

He Died To Establish A New Human Template

He Died To Heal Humanity

He Died To Destroy Death

He Died To Defeat the Devil

A Cruciform God

“Some say, ‘He died to satisfy the demands of the law.’ What does the law demand? It seems to demand our love, which can’t be demanded anyway. So how could the law say that you either love God and love each other or you will be executed in the most painful way known to our heavenly Father?” – Graham Maxwell

Calvary answers all of the critical questions about God. Calvary puts the lie to Satan’s accusations. Jesus did not die to to appease the Father’s wrath, to persuade Him to forgive us, to pay any sort of penalty to Him for our sins, or to die the second death for us (He didn’t die eternally, did He?). He didn’t die to satisfy a legal debt or the broken decrees of an angry and arbitrary God, but simply to fix a condition, to heal a terminal disease.